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We are all, each in our own way, seekers of the truth and we each long for an answer to why we are here.

Brian Greene (1999)

Extrapolating all the way [back] to “the beginning,” the universe would appear to have begun as a point … in which all matter and energy is squeezed together to unimaginable density and temperature.

Brian Greene (2003)

Most physicists will always have some kind of mental picture to complement the mathematical tools.

— Nicolas Gisin (2002)

Classical systems are paradoxically necessary to describe the quantum systems of which they are made.

Louisa Gilder (2008)

Space, Einstein said, is merely what we measure with a ruler; time is what we measure with a clock.

Louisa Gilder (2008)

Science unfolds in some directions rather than others because of circumstances.

Louisa Gilder (2008)

Once again, physicists believe the physical world has been explained, and that no further revolutions lie ahead.

Michael Crichton (1999)

I suspect that scientists are driven by the sense that the world out there―reality―contains a hidden order ….

Michael Crichton (1988)

The more deeply we study the nature of time, the better we understand that duration means invention, creation of forms, continuous elaboration of the absolutely new.

Henri Bergson (1907)