About the Author

Colin Gillespie

Colin Gillespie is an author, physicist, lawyer and strategic analyst. He has a passion not only for science but for literature (with an especially warm spot for fictional detectives).

Over the course of an eclectic 40-year career, he has researched, lectured, explored the world (50 countries and counting). A distinguished scientist, he has written more than 30 articles in international peer-reviewed journals on radiation biology, biophysics, neurophysiology, and physics. As a lawyer he has written on environmental law, indigenous and aboriginal law, and space law. As a strategic analyst, he has worked with business and aboriginal clients.

Since 2008 he has worked fulltime on a question he has pondered since his youth: What happened in the beginning? Time One: Discover How the Universe Began, answers this question with what Einstein called a “thought experiment” and comes up with a new take on cosmology and physics – an elegant insight that changes everything.

His personal website can be found at