A Book Unlike Any Other

Time One tackles mankind’s most baffling question: What happened at the instant when the universe began? Gillespie, a much-published physicist, biologist, lawyer and author, says that humankind now has the clues to solve this problem. Time One delivers what Einstein’s co-author Leopold Infeld called the greatest pleasure: Understanding.

“Colin Gillespie has given people interested in physics and cosmology much to think about.”
- Dr. David Miller, Caltech-Trained Space Scientist

Roam through three thousand years of philosophy, three hundred years of physics and thirty years of deep-space experiments. Canvass forty-seven perplexing problems of philosophy and physics. So begins the case, the detective leading us step by step to an elegant and profoundly simple insight. And suddenly the world starts to make sense in all its complications.

“A new genre of communication.”
- Dwight D. Murphey, associate editor of The Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies

How this site works:

This site builds beyond Time One the book. It offers you two kinds of things. The first is resource materials:  clues, reviews, ideas and so much more.

The second is a wealth of ways to access the universal conversation through social media and the chit-chat sparked by the themes in Time One