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Everybody thinks that depth is the great thing about 3-D. But in my book, volume is the great thing.

Wim Wenders (2011)

It’s an actual experience.

— Trevor (2009)

We are trying to create conditions like those in ancient Greece, which saw the flowering of ideas because people looked at the world with new eyes.

— Neil Turok (2009)

I’m looking for something kind of twisted.

Amanda Seyfried (2010)

Even when you are dealing with things that are unimaginably remote from human experience, I think it’s important to think about them in a human way.

Oliver Sacks (2010)

Science’s greatest gift to civilization is its acknowledgement of fallibility.

— John Polanyi (2009)

The energy’s so dense, it could trigger all kinds of things. It could trigger mini-black holes … but let’s not worry too much about that.

James Pinfold (2010)

Fate is fiction.

— Irshad Manji (2011)

But it is true that the largest return on investment belongs to theoretical physics.

— Michael Lazaridis (2010)