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Is the Moon there when nobody looks?

David Mermin (1985)

Shut up and calculate.

David Mermin (1989)

theory for which the fundamental physical and mathematical hypotheses are no longer susceptible of modification.

Werner Heisenberg (1927)

Thus galaxies with distances greater than [about 14 billion light years] are receding from us with velocities greater than the speed of light ….

Tamara Davis (2001)

Bohr was notorious for the obscurity of his writing. … But Bohr’s obscurity is attributed, time and again, to a ‘depth and subtlety’ that mere mortals are not equipped to comprehend.

Mara Beller (1998)

The founders of quantum physics — Bohr, Born, Pauli and Heisenberg — misrepresented and ridiculed Einstein’s ‘naïve’ belief in an objective, observer-independent reality.

Mara Beller (1998)

I’m sorry because most of that was wrong.

— Niels Bohr (1962)