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Are there additional spatial dimensions beyond the three for which we have very firm evidence? I cannot think of a deeper question in physics today.

Michael Turner (2002)

The existence of a single structure that unifies such a broad range of physical and mathematical ideas, and many others as well, is unexpected and remarkable. Earlier I declined to define beauty, but one can recognize it when one sees it, and here it is.

— Joseph Polchinski (2004)

… a mesmerizing prediction that the LHC would produce mini black holes at an enormous rate, thus becoming a black hole factory.

Greg Landsberg (2009)

Now the primary objection to knotted strings is that the superstring is necessarily living in a space of 10 dimensions ….

Louis Kauffman (1991)

The world of Calabi-Yau [manifolds] … is in its present stage of infancy most similar to a Universe still in its “first three minutes”.

— Tristan Hübsch (1992)