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We are left with only two alternatives. One is to say that the predicted velocity of light is meant to be relative to a particular and very special frame of reference. The second alternative is to accept the speed at c in every frame of reference, accept its violation of our intuition, but recognize that our experience really does not extend to objects moving at such high speeds.

Michael Sobel (1989)

Einstein was concerned about the entanglement of separated systems at least as early as 1925 ….

James Cushing (1994)

Central to Bohr’s vision was his ‘quantum postulate’ – the discontinuous transition of an atomic system from one stationary state to another during an interaction.

James Cushing (1994)

Bohr’s pronouncements on the interpretation of quantum mechanics are often difficult to understand and at times just plain opaque.

James Cushing (1994)

The Copenhagen writings … are permeated by the heavy rhetoric of finality, of inevitability of acausality, of the impossibility of a causal alternative.

Mara Beller (1996)

Without Bohm’s challenge, we would not have Bell’s results.

Mara Beller (1999)