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Convincing evidence that the automobile of today is as far perfected as the materials of construction and mechanical ingenuity will allow, is afforded by the fact that the cars shown in the two annual exhibitions this year exhibit no novelties of a radical character as compared with the cars of the preceding year.


[T]he task of understanding quantum mechanics has become all the more urgent.

— Vlatko Vedral (2011)

Black holes have a bad reputation. In many ways, it is deserved. They are the most efficient engines of destruction known to humanity.

— Kimberley Weaver (2003)

[Proof of extra dimensions] would alter our whole notion of what reality is.

Max Tegmark (2010)

[T]he study … does not explain how a black hole can nurture a galaxy; if anything, it should tear it apart.

George Musser (2009)

The only true clock is the universe itself.

George Musser (2009)

[W]here and when it all began remains the most intractable problem of modern cosmology.

Andrei Linde (1994)

Our own era’s physical theories about the big bang cannot quite reach back to an ultimate beginning from nothing ….

Robert Kaplan (2007)

The anthropic principle has always struck me as so dumb that I can’t understand why anyone takes it seriously.

John Horgan (2010)