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Truth is a whole, and the truth of physics will be found to link on and to be but part of that larger truth which is the nature and the character of the universe.

Jan Smuts (1931)

We seem to be making for a real clash between the relativity and the quantum concepts ….

Jan Smuts (1931)

[I]t is only to be expected that the recent revolutionary advances of physics are bound to have the most profound effect on our world-view and on our philosophical outlook.

Jan Smuts (1931)

Space-time becomes something like the old ether ….

Jan Smuts (1931)

It is easy to understand how cubes can entirely fill space with no voids, but the packing problem is still unsolved for the simple tetrahedron.

Peter Palffy-Muhoray (2009)

…thoroughly conscious ignorance that is the prelude to every real advance in knowledge.

James Maxwell (1877)

The whole matter of the world must have been present at the beginning, but the story it has to tell may be written step by step.

Georges Lemaître (1931)

Disordered, quasicrystalline and crystalline phases of densely packed tetrahedra

— Amir Haji-Akbari (2009)

Philosophically, the notion of a beginning of the present order of Nature is repugnant to me.

Arthur Eddington (1931)