Larry Hicock

Larry Hicock


Larry is an author and broadcaster and the principal of Spark Creative Marketing in Montreal. He edited (from interviews) an e-book by the author, This Changes Everything, published world-wide by Big Fizz in 2012. He also did the final edit of Time One.


I started reading Time One twice, and stopped on both occasions because what bothered me about the book outweighed what I regarded as its great promise. Having been persuaded to carry on, I have since completed two full readings and begun a third. I now consider myself an ardent believer and an unabashed fan of this book and this author. The book provides an utterly fascinating proposition. The author uses his formidable grasp of physics, philosophy and many other disciplines to set the stage for a sweeping historical overview, replete with clear and accessible synopses of the key developments. He frames the daunting task of finding how the universe began in terms of how it might be taken up by a detective, rather than a scientist or academic.

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