Barry Garbutt

Barry Garbutt


Barry is a retired educator who taught chemistry at the post-secondary level. He read a draft manuscript twice and provided comments.


Colin Gillespie asked me to read his book "Time One". I read it twice. I am very happy to have met Colin and to have read his book. I met Colin and was introduced to his book by my brother-in-law Herb Suderman. Herb and Colin practiced law together for many years. Herb had also responded to Colin's request by reading a draft.

I am very fortunate to have been born and to have lived most of my life in Canada. I did spend some time in the United States in 1969 and 1970 doing a research project at the Bell Telephone Laboratories in Murray Hill, New Jersey. My formal post-secondary education led to a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics, specifically the chemical structure of surfaces. After the Bell Lab experience I continued to broaden my fields of learning and experience to include education, corporate management, business valuation, bio-energy, quality assurance and other fields of science especially biochemistry and genetics. I have participated in a number of business start-ups and in the leadership of a number of not-for-profits. For 18 years I was Dean of the Applied Sciences Division at Red River College of applied arts, science and technology. The most important subject to me now is the application of the findings in the field of epigenetics (the study of how the environment impacts the expression of genes) to human development. There are good reasons to believe that this could help level the playing field for the children of our world. Before I retired, Red River College had developed a living resource (online with a scientific advisory board) in the application of this new knowledge to the education of Child Care Educators as well as other professionals here in Canada and abroad.

I retired some years ago and I am trying to follow in Colin's footsteps by writing in my favorite field. I have found that it requires dedication and tremendous discipline to bring an idea to life. These are traits that Colin possesses in spades. I also read in many fields such as cosmology, epigenetics, philosophy, religious history, ideas and novels. I also spend considerable time helping my wife, Eleanor, produce heritage photo books.
Many years ago a mentor taught me the importance of the word "Why" and a recent President of Red River College always asked, when presented with a request or idea, "Why Not?"

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