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[O]ur universe is mathematics in a well-defined sense.

Max Tegmark (2007)

[T]here is a vast literature through the centuries mentioning the bee as a geometer.

Thomas Hales (2001)

I must confess that I was not able to find a way to explain the atomistic character of nature. My opinion is that … one has to find a possibility to avoid the continuum (together with space and time) altogether. But I have not the slightest idea what kind of elementary concepts could be used in such a theory.

Albert Einstein (1954)

I see the most essential thing in the overcoming of the inertial system, a thing that acts upon all processes, but undergoes no reaction. This concept is in principle no better than that of the center of the universe in Aristotelian physics.

Albert Einstein (1954)

I consider it entirely possible that physics cannot be based upon … continuous structures. Then nothing will remain of my whole castle in the air including the theory of gravitation, but also nothing of the rest of contemporary physics.

Albert Einstein (1954)