Publishing Company Celebrates Ideas With $10,000 Video Contest Prize

Winnipeg, Canada, June 11, 2013 — What came before the big bang is still a mystery to many. For entrants in the Time One Video Contest it’s more than a mystery; it’s an idea along with hundreds of others that could be worth $10,000. Sponsored by the independent publishing company Big Fizz Inc., the international Time One Video Contest asks video makers to produce a work that expresses any idea from Time One: Discover How the Universe Began by Colin Gillespie. One grand prizewinner will receive $10,000. Winners will be determined by popular vote and a panel of three international judges.

Time One tackles the question of what happened before the Big Bang. It sets the context for the current deadlock in physics and traces the split between physics and philosophy. The book also solves forty-five of physics’ and philosophy’s most perplexing problems. It is serious science written as a detective-fiction.

Entrants will submit a 1 to 5 minute video along with a statement explaining how their video expresses the any of the ideas communicated in Time One.”

“We are all about proliferating bold ideas and supporting the conversations they generate.” explains Big Fizz Inc. CEO Howard Gurevich, “This challenge is open to anybody interested in producing a video about of ideas in Time One. The entry may support, disagree with, illustrate or make fun of one or more ideas – we just ask that it not misrepresent the author.”

The Time One Video Contest will run as follows:
June 15, 2013 – Time One Video Contest Submissions Open
September 13, 2013 – Submissions Close
September 14, 2013 – Public Voting Begins
October 25, 2013 – Public Voting Ends
October 26, 2013 – International Judging Panel Review Period Begins
November 9, 2013 – Review Period Ends
November 18, 2013 – International Judging Period Begins
November 22, 2013 – Judging Period Ends
November 26, 2013 – A Winner is Announced

Video artists of all skill levels, anywhere in the world, are encouraged to submit to the Time One Video Contest by logging onto Big Fizz’s Facebook account and uploading their video.

Big Fizz Inc. is an independent publishing company. Its mission is to take on some of the boldest ideas of all and to ask the oldest and still most fundamental questions: Who are we? How did we get here? Where are we all going? The vision is to enliven the everyday dialogue with communities it shares. More information about Big Fizz is at

Time One: Discover How the Universe Began written by Colin Gillespie takes us back to the first instant of time. It is the emergence of the Universe moving one century, one theory, one imaginative leap after another. The answer will come not from atom-splitting physicists but from the deductive musings of a fictional detective. How would Sherlock Holmes proceed? What if science’s problems were the clues? So begins the case, traversing three thousand years of philosophy, three hundred years of physics, thirty years of deep-space experiments leading us step by step to an elegant and profoundly simple insight. More information about Time One: Discover How the Universe Began is at


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